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  1. I went a bit crazy with all the great sales this season and then last week my Nordstrom SA calls me with a paddington medium satchel return in Blue that I had to grab. Here's a photo of all the bags I got and they were all at least 50% or more off. I love all of them but feel I need to part with at least one. The Dior Gaucho and Chloe Ava are at the top of my keep list. I have an additional photo of the paddington - it looks more gray in person but photographs more blue. I've never had a Paddington satchel but I do have a Paddington front pocket satchel in metallic blue nuit.
    I don't have any bags the color fo the Marc Jacobs Emily bowler. My friends are no help - they think I'm crazy! Thanks for any feedback.


  2. I love the blue satchel! I guess it just depends what you use least.
  3. I vote the silverado, the others are all to gorgeousto let go!!!!
  4. I vote either the marc jacobs or the silverado hobo...the paddington satchel is gorgeous!!
  5. Oh I am so jelous I must admit 50% off is unseen over here (on clothes only), max 30% and usually for stuff that's not that hot.

    I love your selection, I don't like the MJ as much as the other ones, so I would part with that!
  6. If you decide to get rid of the gray paddington, please let me know. I'm really in the market for one :p
  7. Thanks everyone - I've got it narrowed down to letting go of either the Silverado or the Emily - leaning towards the Emily. I just love the leather on the Silverado. Decisions, Decisions!
  8. definitely keep: gaucho, ava, both paddingtons

    return: either the MJ bowler or the silverado (I'm a MJ junkie, but i've never been a fan of the Emily. The Silverado is a bit too boho for me)

  9. Oh boy, what a decision. Personally, I don't think I could let go of either the silverado or that blue paddington. Did you get the blue one from Bellevue Nordstrom? I saw one there that looked just like this one. It is gorgeous!!!
  10. I'd definitely lose the MJ. The others are 2 gorgeous to sacrifice. :jammin:
  11. Gorgeous collection, but I too would lose the MJ if I had to let one go :biggrin:
  12. I did get the paddington from Bellevue Nordstrom. I guess a few different people had it on hold and didn't buy it and my SA knows that paddington is on my wish list so she called me about it. The price on it was lower than the current rate so it was marked down to $619. I didn't know if I would like the color but when I opened it up it looked more gray and I was in love! I guess I'll need to part with Emily. I don't know why I'm hooked on this bag but I've got time until my bill comes to return.
  13. I agree with the others, return the MJ Emily or the Silverado. I'm not a fan of the Ava really but since you seem to have already decided about that one, sounds like you've made your decision.

    Really though all are beautiful!! The paddy was such a steal, I got my roche for the same during this sale.
  14. NOOOoooo! Not the Paddington!!!!! They are all beautiful but that lil' Paddy is just too much to give up. DON'T DO ANYTHING FOOLISH!:cry::cry:
  15. No worries! As soon as I took it out of the box I was hooked. I now know what everyone means by the paddies being smooshie - you drop it on the floor and it just smooshes into place. My coworkers loved it too. The tag says its Blue but its more on the gray side to me.