Help me decide!


Which bag shld i get?

  1. Mini Lin Speedy

  2. Azur Speedy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Shld i get a mini lin speedy or a Azur speedy 30, i already have a damier speedy 25 though. Need yr views! Thanks so much!
  2. azur!
  3. MINI LIN!!! I love mine. The best part of it there is no Vachetta.

  4. Mini lin definitely!
  5. Azur :smile:
  6. usually i'll vote azur but this time i vote mini lin :smile:. i like variety so i'll get another LV line (non-checker).
  7. Mini def! I love mine :tup:
  8. Azur:heart:
  9. I prefer the Azur. It just seems that the mini lin sags a lot more.
  10. What color mini lin ?? dune or ebene??
  11. I think so...;)
  12. Mini Lin. I love this bag.
  13. Another vote for the Mini Lin!
  14. Vote for AZUR!!
  15. azur =]