help me decide!

  1. So I was going to get the damier koala wallet, but then...thought i'd want something more girly? (i'm SOOO indecisive lol) and thought the mono koala would be better in the long run....But then I saw the azur damier and fell in love, but thought that may dirty easily, and i'm a neat freak. ha! Are the damier pieces water proof? and I was thinking I wanted to get an epi piece for my bag....(I LOVE those pieces, i'm not sure why...haha)

    Pros and Cons for each would be appreciated ;) (epi, damier, azur, etc)
  2. Damier is very pretty and doesnt get dirty easily i guess you just have to look after it!

    erm Azur could get dirty but agen you just be the reference thread there are some threads on how to clean them right.

    Erm Epi is very pretty but i have have heard some people have had some problems with them peeling?

    Vernis is pretty but you could get colour transfer from magazines.

    Mono is nice and classic.

    The multi colour one is very cute.

    There is a Nomade one , it's very simple just leather and has a little LV logo at the bottom but i guess not that exciting.

    So i think all being said Damier is sorta the most care free i suppose but i love the damier design too !

    Hope i have helped abit!
  3. Thanks!! ;):yahoo:
  4. I'm debating between the damier and the nomade...
  5. Damier Koala is a beautiful wallet. Has more cc slots than the French Purse. I didn't get it because the SA convinced me that the coin section was too small. When she pointed it out it did make me nervous. I also looked at the Koala Change Purse in Damier--another beautiful piece but aside form coins you can only fit 2 ccs in it.

    I think I am going to get the Koala wallet in the new Amarante.
  6. Wallet.