Help me decide??

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  1. Hi everyone..I need some help figuring out which bag to buy?? I have always wanted a speedy 30 in the orginal print..But now i see the new Azur collection but i'm not sure if i like it in the speedy 30.. I really like the Azur in the small pouchette bag..So my question is which should i get first the speedy 30 or the Azur pouchette?? Please help i would love to buy both but i just bought the large Musette bag like 3 weeks ago..Also what does everyone think about the Azur?? I really think it's pretty i don't care for the brown color collection..
  2. I would go with the speedy 30 before the azur due to the style and functionality of the bag. I don't really care for the pochettes. I think the azur is nice, its kind of refreshing.
  3. i think go with azur pochette first. You already have the musette, so i think technically, both musette and speedy are big bags. Pochette will be great alternative.
  4. Get the Speedy first but in AZUR:nuts: as you have the Musette in mono already....Best way to decide is to try them out in the boutique if you can.
  5. Ok so now i'm really confused :confused1:
    Should i get the speedy 30 in the Azur collection..But the only thing is that you can't wear that one all year around.. Or do you guys think you can??