Help me decide...

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  1. I have a few bags I like but can't decide which one I want. I know I just went shopping for new things but I want another one. :smile:

    My choices are:

    1. Noe
    2. Popincourt Haut
    3. Cabas Piano
    4. Batignolles something
  2. My fave is the Popincourt Haut.

    Good luck with the decision! ;)
  3. cabas piano!
  4. Noe -- such a classic bag!
  5. I don't have a shoulder bag yet so that would be a nice addition. And classic is always a plus.
  6. I love my BH. Or even the new Neverfull
  7. I like the cabas piano.
  8. i like the batignolles horizontal or popincourt haut.
  9. I love BH, it's my latest purchase... I's really growing on me...
  10. I am into the Noe..
  11. BH or Piano
  12. My favorite is the Noe on your list!
  13. I would pick either the BH or the Cabas Piano.
  14. I totally for got to update this thread. I ended up buying the BH.
  15. BH or PH. Good luck!!