Help me decide

  1. i like the striped one personally!
  2. Tough decision. I love both of them! The watercolor is more summery while the solid colors can stretch into other seasons. I'd personally get the solid but it depends on your taste.
  3. watercolor!
  4. Me too! :smile:
  5. watercolor!
  6. I'll be the odd one here, but I vote the solid color!:tup:

    Preferably in green or blue...hey, wait, maybe that's what I want! LOL!:lol:

    Whatever you choose, it will be pretty!:yes:
  7. I agree that the solid will be a little more practical in terms of seasonality, but I am loving the stripe- it's just so pretty!
  8. I vote solid. In blue or black!
  9. I'd go solid..preferably in the green which is not available anymore :sad:
  10. Solid .. but they're both cute!!! :p
  11. I would go blue!
  12. I like the solid green a whole bunch! But, the watercolor sure is pretty too!
  13. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice but I truly love the watercolor and I have purchased the wristlet, beauty case, skinny mini and scarf in those delicious colors.
  14. My vote goes to the soild in blue. But they're both so pretty. You really can't go wrong with either!