Help Me Decide..

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  1. ...what to get for school:

    Mini Lin Danube
    Mini Lin Speedy
    Mini Lin Boulogne
    Mono Speedy 30

    (I'm male)
  2. how about Mini Lin Saumur?
  3. I was going to pick that but I saw pics on the web and it looks "too big" so im not sure. Do u know the size? 'Cos I dont want any bags as big or bigger than the Abbesses.
  4. Mini Lin Saumur is available in two sizes: XL and regular Saumur which i think is slightly smaller than an Abbesses. the other bags you listed are way too feminine for me to encourage another guy to buy. except perhaps the Danube, but its far too small for school.
  5. Thanks! I'll definitely check it out tomorrow. :smile:
  6. here's a photo of the Saumur 30:

    you might want to consider the Baggy GM too:
    MiniLinSaumur30.jpg BaggyGM1.jpg