Help me decide

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Which should I get

  1. Rosbury in Pomme

  2. Keepall 55

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have enough money saved for either a Keepall 55 which I want very badly for weekends away, which doens't happen all the time but recently has. Or the Roxbury in Pomme. I am just addicted to that Pomme color and hate to miss it when it changes...
  2. I'd go for the Keepall 55... in Damier!!! :drool:
  3. Tough decision but I voted for Pomme because the Vernis colour is TDF......Keepall can wait.
  4. Definitely the Keepall! I prefer it in mono.
  5. keepall gets my vote.
  6. Roxbury!!

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  7. Keepall in Azur! You can fit so much stuff in there and it looks so chic!
  8. ROXBURY!!!
    I love this bag at the mo esp in Pomme! Go for it!