Help Me Decide!

  1. Through some finagling, I have both the Crimson and the Punch signature stripe totes available to me. I can't get both, obviously, so what do I do-- wait till Macy's F&F to see if I can get a punch tote, or order the Crimson one today from JAX? I love both colours equally and just can't decide! I'm leaning towards crimson because of my discount... but I dunno! Help me, o wise fashionistas!


    PS, I have a Punch wristlet coming in the mail.
  2. you sure are buying a lot these days! haha. I'd go crimson. I'm not really a fan of the pink.
  3. Crimson
  4. Crimson. It will still be "fun" even when the thrill of the punch wears off..
  5. Crimson. It's such a beautiful, rich color.
  6. I LOVE the Crimson. I feel really dumb asking, but what is JAX? :confused1:
  7. *Dies.* I know. Am I bad? Do I need an intervention??? I've been wanting these totes ever since I found my obsession with Coach and I keep thinking if I get one I'll be good to go for a while.... AUGH....

    PLUS my birthday is this Friday, it could be my birthday present.... :love:
  8. Jax is Jacksonville, FL, where Coach's headquarters and distribution center are. :yes: Oh, to spend an hour in that distribution center.... :wtf:

  9. Oh right, duh! :shame: So, you think you need an intervention, huh? Well, I'd love to help you out but I am looking at my purchases from the last two months and I am hearing " People in glass houses..." ringing in my head! I have been a VERY BAD GIRL!!!:blush:
  10. hey - when/if you call JAX...can you see if they have any gold in 10124 (the small tote) left? THANKS!

    oh - and I vote CRIMSON...IMO, the red just looks so classy against the khaki signature...
  11. Dewey, you are... the BOMB by the way.. I never would have called back to ask about the crimson if you hadn't said something.

    And when I call Jax back I'll totally ask for you. :yes: :heart:
  12. Not a problem!

    And I would totally appreciate it if you would casually ask! Thanks so much! (I'm so in love with the gold...before I buy on eBay, I want to make sure it's totally sold know?)
  13. I'd get the crimson now with your discount and then wait until F&F to see if a punch is still available. If you think you like the punch better, you can always return the crimson. Personally, I like the punch better.
  14. ^^ great advice ^^

    even though i'd just go for the punch!
  15. I saw a crimson one on e-bay with an outlet bullet; did these sig stripe totes in crimson go to the outlets? What did they retail for there, anyone know?