Help me decide..

  1. Hi guys. I am fairly new here. Mostly just browse. You guys know so much about LV and what's in, that I love coming here..
    Now tomorrow I am going to get an LV purse. I bought my first LV Petit Bucket Monogram in 2002, my favorite one and I will never let it go. Then I have my speedy 25 mono, and I just sold my LV papillon 26 mono b/c I really didn't use it. So I need to go buy a new one. I have decided on the Mini Lin Spedy 30 in Ebene. I think it's big enough for commuting to work and it's practical and durable. Is this a good choice? I don't like spending alot of money on bags(I spend it more on jeans and clothes. :yes: ) So is this a good choice. I am so excited to go get it tomorrow.
  2. Yea! Get it , it's so pretty Don't forget pictures :smile:
  3. It sounds like a good choice to me! It sounds like it will add to/round out your collection!
  4. Yay I can't wait and I will post pics for sure:yahoo:
  5. great choice!
  6. I'd get it! I have the Ebene in Mini Lin and it's so durable and light weight too!
  7. Get it!!! :yahoo: Congrats and have fun!
  8. Congrats! The Speedy looks good in Monogram Mini Lin. :smile:
  9. I think it's a great bag. I also like the dune shade. Both are on my must have list eventually. Let us know if you get it! Go for it!