Help me decide...

  1. I have a budget of around $700 for a purse. Give or take $50. I am looking for something that has a decent amount of I was thinking of the BH. I'm not stuck on mono so any style will do. I already have a Damier print though and want a change to the wardrobe. Give me your thoughts....
  2. BH would be a great choice, or Azur/Mono Speedy 30.
  3. i think the batignolles will be good. there's also the petit noe or the lockit. and of course speedy in that price range.
  4. BH is perfect!!
  5. BH or Popincourt Haut?
  6. I'd say BH
  7. one of the batinolles or a noe... or a speedy if you don't have one already!
  8. How about anything Min lin? The white minlin speedy is darling.
  9. I think your best option in that price line would be BH, or maybe a locket.
  10. I would say BH
  11. I vote speedy !
  12. :yes: :yes:
  13. I'd get a Petit Noe or a new Speedy!
  14. How about Azur Speedy?
  15. I second that!