Help me decide!

  1. so i'm torn between a first in vert d'eau, or a GH city in vert gazon... I know they are totally not similar, but I really can't decide. I love the vert d'eau color, but i'm scared it will yellow overtime and darkening on the handles will be obvious. and, i love the VG GH city after seeing pics from a recent post. i also love how you can wear it across the body. i haven't seen either in real life, so can someone offer some insight? or should i just get both, and live on ramen for the next year?
  2. Have you seen both IRL?

    If not, try and do that first.

    My vote goes to both, and if not both, the VG
  3. light green is my all time favorite color, so i feel the need to have a light green purse but it's really the fear of yellowing/fading/darkening handles that gets me. Does anyone know how well this color holds up? I was not a fan of VG at all until i saw picture of it with GH, and i love it when it's worn across the body (Even though i wonder if the strap is long enough since i'm not the size of nicole richie?) sorry i'm so helpless, i'm a newbie!
  4. GH city in vert gazon!!!
  5. vert gazon!!!!
  6. i love the vert d'eau but the VG is much more edgy and fun...depends on how often you wear ur bags...if it's gonna be an everyday bag for a while go for something that's 'rougher' if not then the vert d'eau
  7. vert gazon gets my vote!! :biggrin:
  8. VG for me.
  9. Vert Gazon for sure!!! :yes:
  10. another vote for Vert Gazon!
  11. I prefer VG in GH city......:yahoo:
  12. Are you sure it wasn't a Part Time style that you saw being worn across the body? I know that Cracker has posted pics of herself wearing the French Blue GH Part Time and the Cafe GH Part Time that way. Not too many people can wear the City Messenger style comfortably!
  13. GH City in VG!:yes:
  14. I protect my light bags with Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellant. So far, so good. I wouldn't let the fear of it getting dirty prevent you from buying vert deau if that's the color you love.
  15. VG is my fav of the two. i would go for the City.