Help me decide!

  1. [​IMG]
    Trotter Romantique Zipped Pochette


    Logo Saddle bag?

    I have a feeling these pictures won't be coming out... so here are links:

    I think I like them equally in different ways. With that logic, I was going to go for the Trotter since it is a couple hundred cheaper (I'm a college student without a job ugh!) Any opinions before I make my purchase? Any case for the Saddle bag? Thanks :yes:
  2. I like the saddle more, it's really cute. I would like that saddle alot better if it had gold hardware though. The romantique is nice as well. Tough choice!
  3. romantique. That's super cute. Saddle's more of a classic so if you havent had a saddle, that's a pretty good choice too.

    But I like the romantique more. HAVE BOTH =)))
  4. i feel like both bags can go with anything you wear. but i like the trotter more .. i feel like its cuter =)
  5. the saddle! :yes: the trotter may be too trendy in this case imo... the saddle is a classic indeed
  6. i say go for the classic ! :yes: saddle up ! :nuts:
  7. I like the saddle!
  8. trotter!
  9. I vote for the saddle bag
  10. voting for the trotter. ;)
  11. i vote for the saddle bag.
  12. i would def. choose the saddle bag how much does that go for anyway?
  13. The saddle gets my vote. It's a classic.
  14. Hi! I am new to TPF! Thought I would contribute my opinion and say that I prefer the saddle. :smile:

    Not sure if anyone ever mentioned this before on TPF, but in the last two weeks of June in Paris, there is this big sale at almost every store so stuff is like 50% and more off! The best part is...DESIGNER BAGS 50% off! I am so serious! I was in Paris during that time in 2005 and I went to this department store, Le Bon Marche, and the Dior counter had bags half off! I wil post up my pics of the bag I bought back then. This is the same for all the other counters at the department store, like Prada was also on sale! Only the last two weeks of June in Paris and the bags are only on sale at the department store counters, not at the actual boutiques. Hope this helps anyone who is planning on a trip to Paris this summer!
  15. Hi TofuJade!!!

    Thank you very much for the tip! It sounds like heaven and if I ever plan a trip there, I'll do it during the summer!

    And welcome to The Purse Forum!!!! :nuts:;) :yahoo: