Help Me Decide...

  1. I'm in love with the new Ergo Tote and the Large Ergo Hobo...both in the white leather. I can't decide which one to get! I like them both equally and I certainly don't need TWO white leather purses.

    What do you think? Which would you get?
  2. I would get the tote, just because I like a more structured bag. But really........why not get both of them, but in different colors? I REALLY love the hobo in the scarf print! Then we can all live vicariously through you! LOL
  3. ^^ ITA! Both in different colors!

    But if you really wanna go with just one...hmm. I would personally get the hobo, because I like zippers and I'm not a huge fan of open-top bags.

    But both are awesome! Good luck deciding!
  4. Why not get two? A white and a turquoise! Okay, really if only one is the only way, I'd say the large white hobo. That is what I am going for. For some reason I am not a fan of the tote. It reminds me of a grocery bag. And like ilikepenguins said, I don't like open top bags. They fall over. My treasures spill out. For everyone to see.
  5. Hobo in white, and then the tote in the camel. That's what I would do.
  6. I would get the tote. To me hobos are hard to get in and out of. They are both gorgeous!
  7. I have both totes and hobos and for the most part I tend to carry the totes more often. So I vote tote!
  8. Tote seems to be more practical for getting stuff in and out.
  9. Thanks for all the great advice...y'all are about divided right down the middle! :roflmfao:

    I would do both, but I also saw this fabulous turquoise bag on a Cesar commercial and I'm trying to figure out who designed the bag...I LOVE it! If I get a turquoise bag I'd love it to be that one...if I can figure out who designed it.

    Right now, I am leaning towards the hobo....I think it might be more secure.
  10. I say hobo. I looked at both styles yesturday. The tote is pretty open on top. The hobo zips shut. I like the extra security and you'll be able to view your stuff better. It wouldn't all fall to the bottom.
  11. I like the hobo better. I'd be worried with my stuff falling out with the tote.
  12. I would get the tote, but I don't really like hobos very much. If you prefer more security, buy the hobo. Do you have a picture of the bag from the commercial? Maybe we can do some research and try to help you find it.
  13. I'd go with the hobo.
    Seems like you're getting mixed opinions here!!
  14. I'm say hobo. My purses always tumble over in the car and the handles on the tote would take some getting some use to for me.
  15. Hobo :heart: