Help me decide!

  1. Hey fellow bloggers!

    Help me decide whether I should get these pair of thongs (kamaa in calf leather). I like them a lot but it comes with a real heavy price of approx $650 (converted from Oz dollars, not sure on exact price in the US).

    Or should I just add a bit more and get a Naviglio in Azur?

  2. Ooh I prefer Azur Navig :smile: but I'm a woman and may men have different opinion?
  3. Get the naviglio I haven't paid more than $200 on shoes unless they are exotic...
    and I love you'r innsbruck cabas, is it usefull?
  4. :yes::yes: think Navig more useable
  5. I prefer azur naviglio either :yes:
  6. Naviglio!
  7. Naviglio too!!!
  8. Naviglio, definitely!
  9. I myself would go for the Naviglio.
  10. Azur Naviglio!
  11. Azur Naviglio!!!
  12. NAVIGLIO! i heard that lv shoes are uncomfortable, and i think you will get more use out of a naviglio
  13. id go with the naviglio
  14. Get the Nav!
  15. not feeling those sandals