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  1. Bought an Azur Favorite PM online. Have it boxed up and ready for return. I LOVE the bag. But I love it so much I’m terrified of falling apart when I get the first hint of color transfer. It falls just at the top of my hip- no jeans contact (I’m tall). I can be careful to wear lighter, older tops. Help me decide. It is a decent amount of money for me to spend. Any reports on the reality of color transfer? I know its been asked 5,000 times! I looked through older Azur bags on the Real Real and didn’t see much outright color transfer on the backs of the bags. I saw an Artsy on a woman recently at an event and judging by the vachetta patina it was a few years old and the canvas still looked good. I’m officially over thinking this but would appreciate any thoughts? If its going back its going back Monday!
  2. I have had the totally mm in Azur for around 3 years and have had no color transfer and I use it for work all the time, no matter what I am wearing! I have the speedy b 25 in the Azur and have had no color transfer and I have not been careful of what I am wearing; I have had it since September. I know how you feel as I have sold bags worrying about the vachetta and now wish I had not sold and just enjoyed them, which I am doing now with the speedy! Good luck!
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  3. You may have just sealed the deal! I had just taken her out to look at and am leaning closer to keep than return. Worst case is I sell if she really doesn’t work out to Yoogi’s or FP and make about half my money back. Your words about regretting selling bags due to worry hit home. I have done it. A reveal below.
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  4. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  5. I’ve had no issues with azur. It you are so hesitant and afraid maybe you should choose something else? Why be paranoid when you should just wear and enjoy.
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  6. She's beautiful! Keep it and enjoy!
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  7. I have the Favorite mm in azur since 2014. I wear lot of jean dresses and jeans shorts with it and no colour transfer.
    If you love it, keep it & enjoy the bag.
  8. I am keeping it! I just needed some encouragement!
  9. This was helpful! Also good to know its held up for 4 years! Thank you!
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  10. Enjoy the bag!

    I’ve had the mm size for 4 years and I have to be honest that I don’t use it as much as the my MM DE one. I still worry about colour transfer. I have worn it with black jeans , I have had a little colour transfer but used an alcohol free wipe and it came straight off. So I don’t know why I still worry :confused1:
    When ever I think about selling it, I use it and LOVE it
    I know I would regret selling it if I did and they are so much harder to come by these days.
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