Help me decide...YSL Muse or Rive Gauche???

  1. Hello Ladies, i'm new to this forum, well this is my very first post... but i love:heart: it already. I'm currently deciding :shrugs: which YSL bag to buy... so I need your help...

    YSL Muse... (which color would you recommend?)

    YSL Rive Gauche...(which color would you recommend?)

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Hi! :yes: Welcome to the forum! I am fairly new here too! you are in the right place for your dilemma :p
    i do not own a Rive Gauche, but I have two Muses (anthracite and chocolate patent) Love both terribly and am thinking about either a white or biscotto one.
    What size Muse are you considering?
  3. I don't actually own either bag, but I like the Rive Gauche more because of the extra strap. I am not sure if the handles fit over the shoulder unless you are a petite person. I like the idea of a handbag/messenger/shoulder bag. JMHO. Oh, and I like the black because of it's staying power. Good luck with whatever you decide, and welcome!!
  4. Wow! Erm. Tough choice! I think both bags are beautiful. I *almost* bought a Rive Gauche in ivory last year but I ended up with my ivory Muse instead. For me it was really a toss up but I loved the lines of the Muse and the structure of it.

    I am not short and I am not super thin and I can get my Muse up on my shoulder. That said, it just fits on me that way so if you are at all bigger in your upper arm, it probably wouldn't be your best bet to think you're going to carry it on your shoulder.

    I recommend black if you don't have other bags that are black with a lot of staying power. Simply put, you can't ever go wrong with black and it also won't show wear quickly at all. I have the ivory as I said which I absolutely adore, but I am much more careful with it than I am black bags. It actually isn't much of a chore now that it's just become second nature, but it was a bit hard in the beginning.
  5. the rive gauche in ivory all the way! i like the slochiness of it, and the strap is a great added bonus. (I saw "tried this on" at Saks recently, but regretfully didn't come home with it)
    I'm also quite small, so I find the muse a bit overwhelming for me. However, both bags are gorgeous so let us know what you decide!
  6. Both bags are gorgeous, all colours, leathers /patent/ are great! So whatever you decide, it still be beautiful BAG! Go for it! + Welcome!
  7. Definitely the Muse first. It's quickly become the iconic YSL bag.

    ...Then a Rive Gauche or a Downtown later!
  8. slouchy or structured is the question - I'd go with a muse!
  9. I will go with Muse first...
  10. I personally like the Rive Gauche better now. I see waaay too many muses in NY, although a lot of them are fake!
  11. I've gotten to like the Rive Gauche & Downtown better.:smile:
  12. Muse is classic, Gauche is a current fad. I say go with the Muse! YEsterday I was a the airport and two flight attendants ooooh & ahhhh over my chocolate Muse and they didn't even know that it was YSL. Just goes to show that the model, leather and quality of the bag impresses even when it isn't recognized as a designer bag!
  13. Muse. I have it and love it.
    I'd get the light caramel brown or red.
  14. i love the muse. It is sooo pretty. I used to have the black in large but found it too heavy.
  15. large RG is not heavy at all - it's my go-to bag. Love the long strap for wearing messenger style at times, too.