Help me decide - Yes or No - Metallic Navy Small Paddy


Should I get the Metallic Navy Small Paddy?

  1. It's To Die For

  2. Not All THat

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  1. To buy or not to buy - I'm not sure if I love it - help please?!

  2. yay. :tup:
  3. Yes defintely love it!!:heart:
  4. Love the black lock-I think it's just so cute-go for it! :tup:
  5. I just did it, can you tell I don't need much encouraging, plus they said it was the last one. Got it off of Bluefly so I hope it's authentic. We'll see!!
  6. I just returned the same bag to Bluefly but in the larger pocket paddy style. It was definitely authentic, and really nice... I'm sure yours will be too!
  7. it's fabulous!
    I'll help you love it.
  8. It looks gorgeous - congratulations! Make sure you come back and show us some pics, so we can drool further.
  9. yes, pics please!!
  10. It is beautiful... Enjoy your new bag and post some pics as soon as she arrives!
  11. I think it looks great. Never thought about getting a black lock before but that one is really cute!!