Help Me Decide! Yay or Nay to Kooba's HANNAH Clutch...?

  1. Okay gals, I've been seriously pondering this clutch for far too long. I'm completely wishy-washy about whether I should get it. On one hand, I think this is the perfect clutch because it's bigger than most of Koobas clutches. I should also note that it comes in gorgeous Pewter... On the other hand, how much will I really use a clutch? I'm a jeans n' T-shirt gal for the most part, and I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of something like this that is typically carried out to eat or to parties. So... I need my gals here to weigh in on this.

    Please tell me Yay or Nay on this beauty.

    Which color would you get, and why?

    Thanks in advance!!!


    Hannah Black Fall 2007.jpg Hannah Pewter Fall 2007.jpg
  2. I like the Pewter much better. But I can't help much. I am not a clutch person. I bought a Mackenie clutch thinking it would be great. It sat in my closet for 8 months totally unused until I sold it. I just have too many even essential essentials that make a clutch not feasable.

    I am absolutlely in love with Botkier Bella Clutches but just can't bring myself to buy one knowing I'll never use it.
  3. I like the pewter. I am a t-shirt and jeans person also. But there are times I just grab my wallet keys and phone (I stick my phone in my back pocket). I wouldnt mind one, but it isnt something I would probably use all the time. But if the price is right I would definitely try one. I have never had a clutch.
  4. shokey, that's kinda what I was thinking. A clutch would be great for those times when you just grab a few things and go. I just don't know if I would really do that. Gosh, I am dying for that pewter now - isn't it reminiscent of Metallic Army?
  5. I saw this clutch when I was in Las Vegas and it was one that I thought I would like, especially in the pewter. I say go for it if you can find a good deal on it.
  6. I totally agree. This is a great clutch - the size is perfect and the leather is so nice. It's on my Kooba wishlist.
  7. I love this bag, especially the pewter. I liked it the first time I was it on the Kooba website. I do use clutches, and if I had this, I'm sure I'd wear it all the time. Not for work, of course.
  8. Pewter for sure!
  9. I like this little clutch bag in black and pewter. If I was a clutch bag user, I'd get one, but I tend to either need a bag or I don't, there never seems to be an inbetween, so I know I wouldn't use it as much as it deserves. If you think you'll use it, go for it, it's about the best style in the Kooba Fall line. Very stylish.
  10. Pewter for sure!!
  11. I am a very casual kind of gal myself, but I almost always carry a clutch when I go out with friends! (Dinner, drinks, dancing) Just because I want a smaller bag....I think you would use it more than you realize!!
  12. mrsbag, if I didn't know any better I would say you were feeding my addiction! LOL...

    Luckily, I'm TOTALLY eating it up! I really want this clutch now... I just wish it would pop up on eBay. I really can't see paying close to full price, especially considering how naughty I've been this year... :devil:
  13. :wlae:Hee hee, I do what I can
    I saw this bag in RL and the pewter color and leather was 2 die for.....loved it much more than the mink! Go for it! :woohoo:
  15. My Gawd... you girls are terrible! I feel like I need to click over to AE right now and order that darn clutch!!!