Help Me Decide: Yay Or Nay On This Bag

  1. BRAND NEW MARC JACOBS POUCHETTE BAG - $750 (item 260088517952 end time 25-Feb-07 18:32:27 EST)

    hi i'm kinda 50/50 on this bag since yes I love MJ and I've been trying to get a new one since I sold my stella and this bag is very cute and small... but i'm kinda iffy on the color since it kinda looks a bit.. mature for me..

    I'm in my early 20s and the color reminds me of my gram's stockings...

    but the price is wonderful though and the style and the size....

    *sigh* what to do

    has anyone seen this color in real life? what's your take on this color.. is it really rosy/nude?

    Should I buy it or not?

    And oh, unfortunately I am not old enough (according to forum age) and also my posts do not qualify me for the marketplace or else I would love to snoop there and see what great and cute MJs you girls have to sell!
  2. I like the bag, but I'm not really hot on the color. I have a bag that color (my DH bought me this adorable Perlina bag that's a dead-ringer for the MJ Sophia when we first started dating, so sweet), and I rarely use it. Sometimes in the summer I'll wear it with a skirt and flats or flip flops, but that's about it. That rosy pink is just too light and dainty for me to use regularly. I'm much more of a whiskey-brown or black handbag kinda girl.

    Because of that, I'd say pass on it. Unless you're in love with the color, and you'll get a lot of use out of it, you should save the $$ and find one that you really love!
  3. I agree with need to love every aspect of the bag. Liking it only 50/50 isn't really that great. And if you can afford this bag you can definitely find something that you'll love love love on eBay if you wait.
  4. well the bag is cute...but i would only spend AT MOST half of what it is listed for
  5. I'm not a fan of either the color or the shape. I agree with everyone else though, if you don't love it don't buy it. Good luck with your decision! Let us know what you decide. :smile:
  6. IMO this is way too much $$ for this bag..I can't remember where else I've seen this...but it was way cheaper..haven't seen this color..but I've seen this bag...maybe on Bluefly?
  7. Agree with the others - especially since it's on eBay, you can't return it if you don't end up loving it.
  8. thanks people!

    Ya I just returned from a trip to LA but I was sick as a dog the WHOLE time and didnt' end up buying anything or going ot palm springs.. did some touristy stuff and took alot of pictures (I looked soooo pasty and car sick) hence... many w/ shades on

    anyway I loved the shape of this bag very much when I first saw it in white (I think) and in 2004 (I think) but I never saw it again until now... but i'll go hunt for it on bluefly or something... ya i don't like it but i guess i'm just on my impulsive buying mode... haha

    so i need you guys to mediate me! and also pm me if you see any great deals on small size mjs plz!