Help me decide WOC in Argilla or Begonia!


Apr 2, 2012
Hello ladies,

I fell in love with Prada Saffiano Wallet on a Chain the very first time I saw it online. At first I wanted to buy it in Cameo but it has sold out and discontinued in US, so I opted for Argilla. After receiving it, I'm not so much in love with the color even though it's beautiful and versatile. Since then I've been looking for another color and just found out that this model is sold out in Prada stores the US except in color Begonia. I've been told that there's only 6 left, so I researched for the color and think it's very pretty.

So ladies, please help me decide whether I should keep the Argilla or return it and get Begonia instead.

Here are the pictures of my WOC in Argilla.


May 12, 2010
I think this is absolutely gorgeous! I just ordered it in the red.
I'd keep it if I were you, it's such a great color and would go with almost everything!


Apr 8, 2012
Do you prefer a neutral color to go with everything? Or are you looking for an accessory that will stand out?
I love the Begonia pink, I am usually not a pink person but it is really gorgeous!