Help me decide - White reissue or white classic flap?

  1. I want a light color Chanel flap for the summer and decided to go with the white (couldn't find the creamy/ivory color). I was lucky to find a 2005 version reissue in white, but I was worried it is hard to keep it clean. With the incoming price increase, should I get a classic flap in caviar (I am thinking Jumbo size, cause I have a medium in black) and sell the reissue? Besides the maintenance, which look do you like better? thanks in advance! :p
  2. I would either go for a classic in lambskin or the reissue. I'm not a fan of caviar in light colours, i think it gets to doll (unless it's the bijoux chain). Just my opinion
  3. Are you talking about the dark white reissue!
    I say REISSUE!
  4. No, it is the white one with grey undertone from 2005... the dark white is from 2006 I think...:smile:
  5. My vote goes to the white classic flap.
  6. Reissue
  7. white classic flap!!
  8. I have the caviar white jumbo flap and love it. I also have a 227 and 226 reissue in black. While I love the reissues the jumbo flap is much easier to use and the white is beautiful.
  9. I love the white Chanel flaps. I'm also getting one and chose caviar because I think any other leather would be really hard to maintain. Best of luck!
  10. I like the caviar if u will be carrying it a lot!
  11. I vote for classic flap........
  12. I vote for caviar classic flap, plus the jumbo sizes are more practical for every day. and if you like the chain strap shorter like the reissues, you can tie then with a ribbon through the chains and shorten it up a few inches....I find it is way more versatile... i am even thinking of returning the black metallic 227 reissue and getting the black caviar jumbo flap instead....I LOVE it's versatility!
  13. classic flap
  14. white reissue... and treat it with a water/stain resistant spray if you're worried about keeping it clean. the white reissue is so luscious and it's a "collectible" classic.
  15. reissue!