Help me decide which Zippy Illustrator wallet...

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  1. Monogram or Damier .. both are cute.... can only have one!
  2. Damier
  3. Ebene with purple interior
  4. Mono with pink interior! I just bought one a few days ago. It's gorgeous!
  5. Damier with purple. I'm seriously considering that one myself.
  6. Mono with pink! I got mine on Saturday and LOVE IT!
  7. Damier with Purple Interior. I was considering this one, but I'm holding off for a Mon Mono Zippy.
  8. #8 Sep 7, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2011
    Mono with balloon and turquoise interior, was considering it too, but like Alexis waiting for Mon Mono, but bought pochette (mono) and key-holder (damier), they are the cutest!!
  9. Damier!
  10. My vote for Damier
  11. Mono with turquoise!
  12. Monogram looks better in this line when compared to Ebene. Just my opinion though :smile:
  13. I love the purple interior of the damier ebene zippy wallet... so hard to decide, since everything from this line is so darn cute!
  14. Monogram all the way :smile:
  15. Damier with balloon :love: