Help me decide! Which would you pick?

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  1. #1 Mar 9, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2016
    Hi loves,
    So since recently getting my first Chanel (Preloved classic flap in M/L Lambskin GHW), I've been looking at getting another black chain bag with SHW.

    I've satisfied that craving by getting a NEW YSL Chain clutch in croc embossed with SHW ($2400AUD - got a discount on" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter. RRP $2700 AUD online, and $3000 AUD in store), but I've recently spotted a Chanel M/L classic flap in caviar leather with SHW at $4000 AUD. But this is preloved in quite used condition in interior, exterior looks fair. Should I keep the YSL or return it to fund the chanel?

    So I'm in two minds about the two items.. and I've got a pros & cons list.
    Pros for YSL
    - is it's brand new
    - it's HALF the price of the Chanel
    - it's different from my lambskin flap,
    - it's croc embossed means its durable.

    Cons for YSL:
    - it's YSL (as compared to chanel) and so i'm not sure what the resale value is, or wear and tear.

    Pros for CHANEL
    - it's an iconic bag
    - it's in caviar leather with SHW which is so hard to find on preloved market costing less than $4000
    - known to hold value because it's chanel.

    - I'm paying DOUBLE the price for a USED bag
    - condition is very well used
    - worried that if I get the ML caviar classic flap, I might neglect my ML lambskin flap and never use it.

    I know its probably hard to compare, and I realise I'm in a CHANEL subforum, but would love to know what you would do in this scenario. Any of you guys owned a YSL bag before? Do you know how they wear and tear? Do you think the wear on the Chanel bag is too much for the asking price?

    I've attached pictures of the Chanel ML caviar flap in SHW + YSL croc chain clutch
    shw1.JPG shw3.JPG sh5.JPG shw7.JPG shw8.JPG shw9.JPG shw10.JPG
  2. Here are pictures of the YSL and the inspiration behind the purchase. Bear in mind, I actually managed to a good discount on this. ($500 off retail online, and $700 off retain in stores)
    ysl1.jpg ysl2.jpg ysl3.jpg ysl4.jpg ysl5.jpg ysl8.jpg
  3. I love Chanel, but to be honest... I would pick the YSL clutch. I think that a lambskin M/L with GHW is pretty similar to a caviar M/L with SHW. Unless you're someone who only wears gold jewelry with a GHW bag, it's pretty much the same bag. The YSL clutch is quite different from the Chanel and I like the croc embossing. I would keep the YSL clutch and wait to find something else in the Chanel pre-loved market which is significantly different from your lambskin M/L (perhaps a WOC or a GST or a jumbo)?
  4. YSL clutch. It's really pretty and I like variety in my handbag collection. If you want Chanel with SHW, I would go for something else, like a mini or a WOC, since you already have the M/L. Good luck!
  5. ooh hard choice but I think I would keep the Ysl. It is stunning and the flap as you say is not in as great a condition as you would like so I would pass on the flap.
  6. Tough choice but i would go with YSL to switch it up a bit
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    YSL is nice, between these two bags.... YSL. But my question is, couldn't you locate the Chanel you want in a better pre-owned condition for that price? Also, as you pointed out, YSL will not hold a resale value (compared to Chanel). I've got plenty of YSL that I'm bored with and I've have pieces that I'll keep forever (Tom Ford era), it seems that I can't give it away. I never think/thought when I purchase a bag that I will tire of it and will sell, but now I want to clear out a variety of designers' bags and it's not as easy or quick as you want.
  8. I'd pick YSL, two black m/l are too similar! Even with the difference in leather/hardware I think it's too similar.
    How were you able to get a discount from Net-A-Porter? Was it just a sale? I'm interested in that YSL too! :biggrin:
  9. I'll pick ysl too, the croc stamp looks beautiful! Agree with the previous comments by other tpfers, and also at the price point ysl just feels like a better deal to me.

    I don't own a ysl clutch but I have a cabas chyc that's used and abused for >4 years, seems to be holding up well. However there are some cracks in the piping (may be due to the lack of care on my side)..
  10. Hey love they have 10% off when you sign up and at the time i was looking at it the promo was for 15% off! But 10% is still pretty good!! Xoxo
  11. Thanks everyone!! I was leaning toward the ysl too and your advice has really helped me make up my mind!! Thanks everyone!!! Xoxo
  12. Yep! YSL, it is a gorgeous clutch
  13. Oh that's awesome! Thanks for that :smile:
    I'm glad you decided to keep the YSL as opposed to the Chanel caviar! :biggrin:
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    Hey, I need help my fellow chanelistas!! Okay I have the option of making 1 purchase but 2 bags are on mind! The chanel xxl bag for travel since I travel once a month, or every other in black. Or should I purchase my holy grail bag I just spotted the Chanel preloved Jumbo /Maxi XL. Now I have never seen this bag in person but I know it is huge and is the bag for me. The chanel xxl would be brand new. However the preloved xxl says it has some scratches throughout bag and hard wear. I will post some pictures pleaseee help me decide!
  15. i have attached the picture of preloved xl :smile: