Help me decide: Which Work do I *Need*

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Which color Work should I get?

  1. 05 White, pre-loved

  2. 07 French Blue, BNWT

  3. 07 Rouge Vermillion, BNWT

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, I am now an official Balenciaga addict :p

    My 05 Black City has me jonesing for a Work.

    But what color?!?!? :confused1:

    Here are my choices:
    • 05 White, pre-loved
    • 07 French Blue, BNWT
    • 07 Vermillion, BNWT
    Please help me decide (if you know me from the Chloe forum, you will know I can not make the simplest of decision) which color to get.

    Pics would be sooo most helpful.
  2. French Blue!!!

    White = perish the thought! ;) Too high-maintenance!
  3. Rouge Vif! Work is a larger bag and I find that it brushes up against lots of thiings when I'm out and about, so the white would get grubby pretty quickly. FB is gorgeous too, but for some reason my eye appreciates that bag more in red rather than bright blue. It's a personal preference. Either way, you can't go wrong with either red or blue!!
  4. I would vote for French Blue if you are actually using this bag for carrying items for work. I think the white is going to be too high maintenance.
  5. 07 French Blue, BNWT :yes:
  6. I voted for French Blue!

    White is high maintainence, and I am waitting to see what the Fall 07 Rouge looks like, before I make an opinion on Vermillion?
  7. Cool!!

    Yes, I would be using this to take the strain off my black city when I go to work.

    Can someone post a good pic of French Blue for me?? :tender:
  8. French blue and Vermillion are my favorite colors this season.

    White-preloved is a hard call because you don't know how the previous owner took care of the bag and the white color probably is too delicate of a color for work functions.

  9. I say the Red.........someone posted a 07 vermillion twiggy this morning and the leather on it looked gorgeous. I think you'll get more use out of the red.
  10. 07 vermillion, the FB would probably be too bright and harder to match and the white would get grubby too easily!
  11. I would be using the Work mostly for work (LOL).

    Here is a pic of my current bag family for an idea of what colors and sizes and shapes I already have:


    and I can't help sneaking in another of my fab City:

  12. french blue so hot for summer !!! ;)
  13. I'd definitely go with French Blue!

    It seems you already have a gorgeous red with chloe, time for some eye popping blue!

    beautiful collection by the way!!!
  14. Seems like french blue is a no-brainer!! :supacool:

    Does anyone have a good pic???

    Thanks again and TGIF!!!

  15. here's french blue.......


    the leather seems to be consistently gorgeous with this color.