Help me decide - which wallet?

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Which one?

  1. Mahina Ameila Wallet in Noir with Gold hardware

  2. Mahina Ameila Wallet in Noir with Silver hardware

  3. Epi Eugenie Wallet in Noir with Silver hardware

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My current Prada zip around wallet has now seen it days, so I am about to purchase a new wallet! :yahoo:

    The choices are:
    a) Mahina Amelia Noir wallet (this has both gold and silver hardware)
    b) Epi Eugenie Noir wallet (this has silver hardware)

    I don't know which one to choose... currently in my LV purse collection I have the Mahina XL in Noir, Epi Noe in Noir and Denim Cabby GM in Noir which I mainly use and they all have the gold/bronze hardware. Will it look strange if I get a black wallet with silver hardware, when all the hardware on my purses are gold/bronze? I tend to have a matchy matchy disorder to have my wallet match my purse! :P

    Suggestions appreciated!

  2. Out of your choices i'd pick the Mahina w/gold hardware.
  3. Hi I have the Mahina in black with silver hardware while it is a nice wallet I find the credit card slots a real pain with this wallet because the leather is soft it is hard to get the cards in and out of the slots the slots are so flat that I really have to force the cards in if that makes sense anyway I would pick the epi leather if I have the choice again I find some of the LV wallets are not very functional at all that said I do like the sarah wallet design I think I prefer it when the cards slots are vertical anyway good luck.
  4. I never thought about that! I would have thought the leather inside was a little harder than the outside! I much much prefer a wallet that has a harder leather inside as my Chanel lambskin wallet is too soft and it is so hard to take anything out!

    Decision continues!
  5. i'm a zippy girl i'm not going to be much help :shrugs: good luck with your decision..
  6. noir with gold:yes:
  7. Mahina Noir with gold! =]
  8. Noir w/gold!!