Help me decide which wallet to get.......

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Which wallet to choose??

  1. Large Black Caviar Wallet

  2. Large Flap Lambskin Wallet

  3. Large Brown Caviar Flap wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'll be getting a wallet for the upcoming Saks EGC event and NEED help deciding which wallet to pick????, let me just say that I love all 3, and all 3 wallets are the sames size which is the large size. So here are the 3 choices that I like:

    #1 picture is the Black Caviar wallet ($725)
    #2 & # 3 Picture is the Black Lambskin flap wallet ($795)
    #4 & 5 picture is the 08A Brown Caviar flap wallet ($900)

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  2. I like the look of the flap wallets better. I think caviar might be better for a wallet if you are going to use it a lot. So my vote goes to the brown caviar!!
  3. Hi N!! :smile: Ohhh, I LOVE the brown caviar wallet, omg!! :drool: :love: I think I want one too! :nuts: You're getting it at Saks from D? :smile: The flap style wallet is perfection IMO, and the brown caviar is gorgeous (plus it will match your flap)! ;) I love the black lamb flap style as well, but I prefer caviar for wallets (and bags)! :heart:
  4. Difficult choice, but I love the black lambskin :heart:
  5. Hi M!, no, I'm getting it from Josh (because of the 3 hours diff. I was not able to get D on the phone)- so I'm cheating on D :sneaky:;)
  6. i love #2 the black flat wallet! DOES IT COME IN CAVIAR? :biggrin:
  7. Yes..picture # 4 & 5 BUT only in Brown color:yes:
  8. My vote goes to the black lambskin. Have it and love it.
  9. Ohh, okay! :smile: You bad, bad girl (j/k)! :P I might end up getting it from my SA at Chanel if they ordered it (so I really can't talk about cheating haha)! :nuts:

  10. ditto with jmen.. black lambskin. have it and love it =)
  11. LOL- no as per my SA/Chanel boutique did not ordered it:crybaby:they only order a black caviar envelope wallet (you know the one that looks like a check book cover:confused1:) and not this flap wallet version, Chanel only have it the lambskin leather(like always).
  12. I love the brown caviar!!!! Not only do I definitely prefer caviar wallets (so I don't have to worry about them being thrown inside a bag) but this brown color is gorgeous!!!
  13. Ohhh no! :crybaby: Thanks for the heads up N! :flowers: Hmm, maybe I'll have to e-mail D then! :nuts: I wish Chanel boutiques would order them in caviar and not just the lamb, ahh! :smile: I'll check with my NM SA too then, to see if they ordered any flap wallets in caviar. :heart:

  14. I Like the brown caviar the most. ( will personally not buy lambskin for wallets)
    if chanel has the black color caviar in that brown style, i will go with black...
  15. The brown caviar wallet is TDF! I am in love with this chocolately color! My vote is for that one!