Help me decide which statement earrings?

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  1. I finally decided to wear large earrings and either no necklace or a small dainty necklace with my gown for my son's wedding this summer. I'm torn however between these two earrings. The first is a more delicate sparkley tear drop chandelier style ( by Nadri) while the other is a more blingy slightly larger chandelier ( Carolee).
    Here's pics of both and reposting my dress ( not altered yet)

    Opinions appreciated! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460593603.791168.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460593621.080600.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460593637.500717.jpg
  2. I like the Carolee's slightly better. Both look lovely with the dress.

    You, however, look fantastic!!!

    Congratulations to your family and have a wonderful time at the wedding.

    The only other consideration I would add is which earring would you wear more afterwards?
  3. Thank you! I think the Nidra ones are a little more wearable although 4 times the cost of the Carolee. My sister and husband think the Nidra are more elegant and less common than the Carolee ones, but IDK, I like the unstructured look of the blingy ones.

    Any other opinions?
  4. I love the carolee
  5. I like the first earrings. They are gorgeous! You look lovely in your dress.
  6. You look stunning, the dress is gorgeous and my choice is definitely the second pair - the Carolee.
  7. The dress is gorgeous on you and I think the Carolee are more romantic looking. In your full length photo I am having a hard time seeing either earring.

    Have fun at the wedding!!
  8. Thanks for your feedback- I think I'm leaning toward the Carolee too; I don't have either of those earrings on in the full length picture- the shots were taken on different days.
  9. Another vote for the Carolee earrings. Congratulations on the occasion!
  10. Both are gorgeous, but my vote also goes to Carolee
  11. Carolee also
  12. I like the second ones better, the Carolee. It could be because they look more elegant since you have your hair up in the modeling pic.
  13. The second ones for sure! 🏻
  14. Structurally, I prefer the Nadri earrings, but the warmer metal on the Carolee looks so much better with your coloring that I think it's an unfair comparison. I like the Carolees not because I think they are prettier, but because they look so much better on you because of the metal color.
  15. Second pair. You look gorgeous! Oh and I'd totally wear a necklace too.... not everyday you get to dress up for your kids wedding 😆

    Go all out like in the fairytales I say