Help me decide which Prada Tote

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  1. I have been searching for the best work tote forever and never seem to find anything that makes my heart sing.

    Bag #1 I saw years ago and liked but never bought. I found it on ebay and bought it for a steal (under $300.00). My biggest concern is if its authentic. I found out after buying it that the seller actually owns a consignment store and this was an item from her store. I tried to get it authenticated in the Prada forum and was told it's too hard to authenticate nylon. The seller says that the customer she got it from she has worked with before. I had a sales person from Prada look at the auction photos (not posted here) and she questioned the stitching and grommets. A cute bag though although the pockets in front will be a little difficult to get in and out.

    Bag #2 From Saks … I paid full price. A little out of my price range but I am going to sell some things I don't use that should cover it. I like the side pockets for a water bottle or my glasses.

    Any thoughts….

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  2. You might get more replies in the Prada forum :biggrin:
  3. I like the design of the 1st one better, but if you are really worried about authenticity I would bring it somewhere to get it checked out.
  4. I think Prada boutiques themselves have an authentication service you can use. Not sure if you have to pay for it or not though but it would certainly give you peace of mind i think!
  5. I love the first one! I, too, have been looking for a Prada nylon bag. The second one screams baby bag ;) which is ok if it meets your needs and has the function you seek. Keep us posted! How is the shoulder drop on the first one?

  6. Prada DOES NOT authenticate bags. Period. It's their job to sell bags.
  7. just so you know the second bag is a Prada diaper bag.