Help me decide which PInk Candy Burberry to get~~~~

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  1. I purchased a red trim Burberry tote bag a month ago but now I want a new purse, PInk candy burberry but I'm not sure what style would be cute for the summer. I can't get them online because I don't see anything I like and my Burberry store is too far. So I found something on Ebay but I'm not sure :confused1: since there's quite a few. So some help please!!!!!

    1. Lola Pink Novacheck Candy: $250 (guessing) Brand new w/ tag & dust bag


    2. Candy check :$275 w/ tag, gentle used.

    I'm not sure how this would look because I didn't see it last time I was at the Burberry store.

    3. Pink Candy check satchel: $200 (curently) some marks outside and light fade mark

    4. Medium Candy check satchel: $350 brand new

    5. Candy Check barrel $345

    1. White trim Burberry: $680

    I think this is such a nice purse so I'm bidding on it anyways.

    I love big purse, so I'm not sure about the other two satchel. Does anyone has purse similar to mine and can model it for me? that would be great because I don't want to carry a tiny purse around. Thanks for your opinion.
  2. I like the Lola and the satchel myself

    Please make sure you know if the bags are authenticate before you bid - eBay is a minefield

    You can post links to any auctions in the Authenticate This Burberry thread and we will do our best to help

    Ask for pics of the exterior, interior, zipper pull, front and back of any tags
  3. I have the Lola. It is my favorite purse of all time!!!! Good luck on picking one....
  4. White trim Burberry: $680 I like this one!!!
  5. i have the lola and it is one of my most favorite bags!
  6. My fave is definitely the last one.
  7. I like the barrel shaped pink candy. I have the same one in blue bell & I love it so much.
  8. Lola or white trim!
  9. I like the last one.
  10. i like the last one. :yes:
  11. I like number two. The last one is a bit busy, with the burberry check print and the white patent together IMO.
  12. I like the lola the best!
  13. lola or satchel
  14. I just saw #5 in the Woodbury Commons outlet for $179. You should try calling and see if they'll ship if that's the one you choose. They had it in pink and blue.
  15. Oh my god that is so cheap. I called them & they said the price is $189, but they don't ship out. GOSH SO SUCK! I live in Florida & i called the outlet in Orlando, they said the price is $400. Wow! lucky New York ppl.
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