Help me decide which Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel to keep!!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467856265.607796.jpg
    Yesterday I placed an order on the medium size satchel in cobalt blue and it was at an awesome price and after ****** the bag would have only cost me roughly $385 after tax so I can't resist. Soon after today I saw a mini satchel in citron went on sale and after ****** it was only $281 after tax so I quickly ordered. Now that I ordered two bag in different size and color, I'm not sure which one to keep. I never tried on PL bags ever so I don't know which size would looks good on me or how practical would it be. I'm going to pick up from the store on Friday and I'm planning to return one of it while I'm at the store. I really like the blue color but I believe the medium size looks big on me, I'm only 5 feet 4, I hardly carry a lot of stuff now... Mostly essentials. I don't really fancy yellow but the size is just right and the price is too good to be true. Since I just had my baby, I need a hand free bag. Please share your advises with me!
  2. I'd probably pick the mini if I were you. If you only carry essentials you'll be annoyed by the size of the medium, especially since it's so heavy. Not to mention black hardware chips pretty easily, the silver hardware on the mini will last much longer! The only issue would be you not liking yellow that much, do you think it will go with your wardrobe? If so you might grow to like it, but if not, you'll probably never reach for it.
  3. Unless you are careful with bags, I wouldn't choose the yellow mini. For starters, you have to really spray it over with stain protection, remember not to wear it with jeans (or risk denim transfer) and lastly keep LO's cute but grubby fingers off it. Kids are total stain magnets :P
  4. While I absolutely love the cobalt blue pashli, my vote goes to the mini. It fits all your essentials and is easier to use. I have both and the medium hasn't seen the light of day for almost 2 years now; it's not practical for everyday use. I've had my mini for 2 months and haven't put it down since.

    I'm a little taller than you and have a petite frame. I like the look of the medium pashli hand held. It looks too big for me when I sling it over my shoulder.

    If you're not too keen on yellow, maybe wait for another colour? Don't waste money on something you don't love, because you might not end up using it, which makes it an expensive purchase.
  5. My husband told me the mini looks better on me. I'm quite slim and the medium looks over whelming since I don't carry much and it does looks awkward as crossbody. I'm still debating if I should keep the mini or return both. The yellow is not as vibrant, a light yellow similar to my epi speedy in vanilla.
  6. I have a mini one, it's a perfect size and weight, I don't have medium one but I can imagine the weight of it as my cousin and bestie who own a medium pashli, they are both in bigger body frame and they are both regretted they didn't get the mini instead. Personally I think this yellow is not hard to match outfit since it's not too bright. The only thing I am not sure is the color transfer, my mini is a very light ash blue, I never pay attention on what shouldn't I wear to prevent color transfer, it still looks brand new.
  7. For the prices u got, I'd keep both. But if I could only choose one, I would keep the blue.
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