Help me decide which one

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Which one?

  1. A. Chain Me Tote

    1 vote(s)
  2. B. Grand Shopping Tote

    16 vote(s)
  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm looking to purchase my first Chanel bag. Debating between the Chain Me Tote vs GST. I tend to carry a lot in my bag, not sure about which one is more durable/bigger. Any input will be appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Measurement for this Chain Me Tote
    Base Length: 12.5 in
    Width: 6.25 in
    Height: 8.75 in
    Drop: 10.75 in
    Measurements for GSTMeasurements
    Base Length: 13.25 in
    Height: 9.75 in
    Width: 5.25 in
    Drop: 10.25 in
  2. GST seems a lot more durable and holds its shape better! i also like that the chain has shoulder straps to relieve the strain on your shoulders :smile:

    forgot to mention i think the GST looks a lot better too when carried too :smile:
  3. you said you carry lot and you've picked two heavy Chanel totes. just something to think about! if you are only picking between these the GST is the better (classic) option
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  4. Thank you ladies for your input! I'm a complete newbie with Chanel and didn't even think about weight of the actual bag.
  5. gst all the way! to me it‘s a classic piece - love mine
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  6. GST easy. It’s a classic and I love the shape. I feel the other one will look tired very fast because of its shape.
  7. GST. The leather in the strap make the bag far more comfortable.
  8. thank you ladies!! i am going to go for the GST! :smile: Im excited!!!
  9. I know you've made up your mind but I'm gonna say GST as well! It seems to be one of the most popular discontinued bags, and it retains its value quite well on the resale market. I love mine and 5 years later (almost 6 years later), there's no sag or shape loss, it's still beautiful and classic. It IS a bit heavy, but will definitely carry a lot of weight better than the Chain Me. That tan color is also unique!

    Congrats on your first Chanel bag! Can't wait for your reveal! :flowers:
  10. I got my first Chanel Bag! I got it preloved :smile: I love the color and its been one of my holy grail of bags :smile: it's my push present to myself which could very well happen in any day now :smile:
    IMG_6796.jpg IMG_6797.jpg
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  11. GST! GST! GST!
  12. Congratulations! Love the color!
  13. Wow! Congratulations on the bag and the upcoming baby. I’m also wanting that kind of bag but a bit worried of its weight. Is it really on the heavy side?
  14. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, so I can't really tell how it will be once i put stuff in there. Sorry. :sad: