Help me decide which one to get.....

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  1. I decided that I "needed" something from the perfo line in the pink.....should I get the pouch or the pochette. I mainly want it for my purse to hold a compact, lipstick, etc.....but trying to decide if I want the option of being able to take it out by itself.? Is the pouch even big enough to put things in (from pics it looks pretty flat)? There's about a $200 difference......

  2. i would get the pochette! but thats because thats on my wishlist :p i like it because u can use it as a purse on its own, or a makeup bag or whatever bag inside a larger purse. :biggrin: and i think the pochette looks nicer too, but thats just me! :wlae:
  3. I'd personally get the, there are a few out from different lines to choose from in case you want to be able to use it as a small bag for errands, etc.
  4. I would go for the pochette, too :smile:
  5. Lol I just now realized you said you wanted perfo. Duh :lol:
    Anyway YES I definitely suggest the's adorable!
  6. did you see the recent thread re: the plate and the cles? check em out!
  7. i'd get the pochette! its adorable!