Help me decide which one should I buy? 3 choices~

  1. Hello~

    I really wanna have the one of the following:

    cerise speedy 25/ fuschia (may be other colors) reade pm/ azur speedy 25

    which one should I get:confused1:
  2. Cerises Speedy==1
  3. azur!
  4. you mean cerise is first choice?
  5. I vote for azur too:yes:
  6. I love the reade pm. The Azur is gorgeous too, and cerises but the price is high now.
  7. out of the 3, i like the the azur speedy the most.

    i also like the reade pm, but prefer either perle or framboise.
  8. I love the fushia vernis but not the reade pm (too small).

    I love the Damier azur!!

    I love the Cherries Speedy as well!

    I am not much help!! SOrry!
  9. cerises 25, you won't want to put it down ^_^
  10. Cerises Speedy!!! I think you would rock it well. :yes:
  11. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  12. Cerise Speedy
    Reade PM
  13. 1) reade PM (love vernis, so first choice)
    2) azur speedy (so fresh and pretty)
    3) cerises speedy (also adorable, but something has got to go third or I'd be no help at all!)
  14. Azur speedy is also my favorite.
  15. Cerises speedy!