Help me decide which new LV


Which should I get???

  1. Mono Trouville

  2. Tulum PM

  3. Mini Looping

  4. Vavin PM

  5. Smallest Batignolles

  6. Mono Petit Noe

  7. Black MC Noe

  8. White MC Trouville

  9. Mini Lin Speedy

  10. Azur Speedy 30

  11. Azur Saleya MM

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  1. I CAN'T DECIDE!!! PLEASE HELP ME! I have a small collection and need another bag.

    My stuff:
    Mono Speedy 30
    Deni Baggy PM
    Groom Agenda
    Damier Key Holder

  2. Vernis or MC? What line were you thinking of?
  3. Denim Mini Pleaty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. MC Noe- THE best MC bag available (fun but still sophistocated)
  5. I checked Tulum PM, Batignolles, and White Trouville :smile:
  6. MC white trouville
  7. This is my first choice but what will you be using the bag for?
  8. anything. just an everyday bag :smile:
  9. azur speedy's just so darn cute!
  10. ^^ Ita
  11. I vote the MC Trouville.
  12. The white MC Trouville would be nice :yes:
  13. Denim Baggy PM! :biggrin:
  14. i have the white Trouville, so i voted for that. and you don't have any of the Azur or Mini Lin pieces, so i voted for those too :p
  15. I voted Mono Trouville, it's such a classy bag, but practical too!