Help me decide which LV to let go!

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  1. #1 Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    Ok. So here is my dilemma. I recently started purchasing Chanel and its costing ALOT more than LVs. I have about 10 LVs that I have collected since 2005...most from LV boutiques or Eluxury and 2 from Ebay from reputable sellers. I am extremely careful with my bags so most of them still look brand new. I love them all, but I think I have a problem when some of my bags have been used just once since they have been purchased 2-3 years ago. Therefore, I think its time to let go of some of them to help finance my new addiction.

    I need help deciding which one to let go and which one to keep and here is where you guys come in!

    1. Monogram Alma (purchased from LV boutique in 2005). Used no more than 5 times. Still looks brand new. Afraid to use because of the vachetta bottom. I also have an epi alma in gold but I am not going to sell that one.

    2. Monogram Speedy 30 (Date Code, March 2006, so I think I bought it in July or August of 2006) from Eluxury. This has been my every weekend bag. Canvas in wonderful condition, but handles have darkened (not patina, but dirty darken) so I dont really like it anymore. Should have gotten a damier ebene speedy in 30...I will probably get that one by the end of this week before the price increase!

    3. Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Speedy in the gray/blue pattern. Hubby got it for me for Vday this year from Eluxury. Its been used 5 times. So its also still pretty new. Not crazy about it. It looks sort of like my damier azur speedy 30...the shape and coloring. I do like that the handles are coated though.

    4. Damier Azur speedy. Purchased in November of 2007 from LV boutique. I used this bag ONCE since I purchased it because I have so many other bags and because I am afraid to get the vachetta dirty like my mono speedy. Ugh. I would not mind if it patina'd but somehow, I have dirty hands and my handles always get dirty. :crybaby:

    Ok. So for now, the above 4 are what I am willing to part with at this moment. Anybody want to give me advice on which one to get rid of or keep and why? Thanks. This is such a tough decision!!! I think I will need to get rid of at least two. I just sold my epi Cluny in the most awesome blue this past weekend.

    Just for reference, my other LVs include: Damier papillon in 30, Beverly PM, Josephine GM in blue, Mono Ellipse, Batingolles Horizontal, and red epi mabillon.
  2. I would get rid of the mono alma for sure. Wayyyyyyyy to much vachetta
  3. I would go alma and mono speedy, as you don't really enjoy them.
  4. Looks like the vote is for the mono alma so far. Its ironic that the mono alma was the first LV bag that I ever bought and I lusted after that bag for MONTHs on end and finally got it and am now afraid to use it. Life is funny that way. :P

    As for the mono speedy. I love that bag too. I just dont love the dirty handles...I just may use it for another couple of years until the handles are really really yucky and then replace them.

    I think I will sell the mono alma. Thanks gals!
  5. I would sell the azuar speedy go. In my mine, it is the least wearable year round and if you do not use it, it should go. Next, I would get rid of the monogram speedy - someone else will love it and you can get what you want.
  6. Bye bye azur for me. It seems more spring/summer. The others are all season bags.
  7. I'd let the Alma and Azur Speedy 30 go.....
  8. I say get rid of the Mono Alma or the Damier Azur Speedy. You hardly used either one, so maybe get rid of both?
  9. i agree. i am very wary of bags with vachetta bottoms. they seem to get dirty so easily.
  10. Well, since you've used the Damier Azur Speedy once, I'd probably sell that one as well as the Mono Alma, since it's rarely used too.

    I would not sell the Mini Lin Croisette Speedy only because your dh bought it for you. I'm sentimental that way!
  11. Mono alma for sure. I'd be too afraid of accumulating dirt on the vachetta bottom.
  12. If the vachetta bottom on the Alma is scaring you off, then that is the one I would get rid of. You probably will not use it enough to justify keeping it.
  13. Au revoir Alma.
  14. i would say mono alma & mini lin croisette speedy
  15. I would say let go of the mono alma. Too much worrying on the vachetta...