Help Me Decide Which Leather Is Better!

  1. Alrighty ladies. Kim from BalyNY sent me the following Aquamarines to choose from. Is it just me or does the aquamarine look washed out in these photos? Anyhow, here are my options.

    BAG 1

  2. BAG 1 - UP CLOSE
  3. BAG 2
  4. BAG 2 - UP CLOSE
  5. Just personal preference.. but I like bag 1 more because I prefer smoother and only slightly distressed leather.

    Bag 2 has too many veins for my liking. and to answer your question.. the pics does make aquamarine look a bit muted as compared with previous pics I've seen...

    Good luck with the choice!
  6. :yes:Bag 2 without a doubt It's beautiful many wrinkles and it looks so soft! that one for sure:yes:
  7. Oh yikes, they're both lovely. Do you prefer the leather smooth or more wrinkly/distressed? Both bags have gorgeous leather, but its totally different. IMHO I think the aqua looks better with smoother leather, but they're both gorgeous. :drool:
  8. i think its the lighting and their camera skills, hence the faded colors.

    The first seems smoother and the second is more veiny. What do you think? I dont know myself but I do like the second one, seems to have more character b/c of the veinyness (I know I am inventing words).
  9. Bag 2 :drool::drool::drool:
  10. I like both smooth and wrinkly leather depending on the color. Between these two though, the first is better! Looks so buttery!
  11. Me too. :yes:
  12. Gosh darnit, I should have done a poll! They are so different! I like the wrinkliness of the 2nd one but the non-veininess of the first. Do the veins eventually fade? So far the count is:

    4 for BAG 1
    3 for BAG 2
  13. I'll add a vote for bag 1-I'm also a fan of the less veiny leather and IMO the first bag looks smooshier
  14. I vote for the first bag(but it was difficult to choose!)
  15. I like bag #1 because it's smooth, but that's my own preference. Yes, the pictures that balny sends can be pretty washed out. I'm sure the color will be brilliant when you receive it.