Help me decide which Kate tassel bag to keep

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  1. Hey TPFers, I purchased a few of these bags on sale recently to go with lighter outfits. Originally I had been more interested in the beige color. At this point I’m not really interested in keeping the grey because I just bought a college in a similar color. What do you think of the white ones? Which white do you prefer? Do you think white is a versatile color?

    Please excuse the chaos in the room.


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  2. I personally don’t really like white bags but they look cute on you. I cant see a difference between the two white bags. Is one medium and the other one small?
  3. Thanks! They’re actually both WOCs, but one is slightly smaller than the other.
  4. *Warmer, not smaller
  5. I prefer the bag on the left in the photo. The one on the right almost looks a tiny bit pinkish.
    Also love the cat (dog?) cameo!
  6. thanks!

    Hah it’s actually a dog, but I can see how he looks like a cat here
  7. I just bought an off white Kate in croc. It’s going to be my special occasion bag. I prefer warmer tint than stark white.
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