help me decide which first has gotta get the boot


which color b-bag first would you give up?

  1. rouille

  2. bordeaux

  3. ink

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  1. wow, it pains me to ask this question, but i've gotta do it :crybaby:...which b-bag first would you give up if you had to, rouille, bordeaux or ink :shrugs:...since i've already got a black first that i can't ever part with, i think it's gotta be the ink...especially since it's similiar to black & i can return if for a refund @ "Barney's"...please help me out girls & lemme know what you would do :sos:
  2. I think you should return the ink! Only b/c it is closest to the black.
  3. AAA--I know just what your going through!!I just had to make some tough decisions on weeding the bags down as well:crybaby: . Of the colors you listed, do you have any other bag in the same color? That way if you sell the first, you would still have the color in your collection.
  4. I think I would sell the rouille because that's the colour I like less than the others and I think that ink will gain value over the time.
  5. Hmm...this is a really tough choice! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I will go ahead and recommend Ink only because you are keeping the Black. Or maybe is tough. I really think Ink is pretty cool. Ok, I changed my mind, Rouille. lol. It's a pretty color, but I like Ink more.
  6. Oh I voted rouille but I didn't read the post. If you have a black ditch ink
  7. I agree, sell the rouille.
  8. This is a toughie. I have a personal passion for Ink-- but I think in your position I would have to say the similarity between it and black wouldbe enough to persuade to.... ack... give Ink the boot.

    I can't believe those words just came out of my mouth (er, fingers)
  9. I didn't read your post, Ink is GORGEOUS but you already have black, that case, i would ditch ink.
  10. I also voted rouille before I read your post. If you can get cash back for the ink, then go for it--there are only so many b-bags you can possibly wear at once! ;)
  11. I hated to do it, but I voted Ink. I love Ink but I like Ink in a bigger Bbag styles where I think you can appreciate the changing color a little better. I think your bordeaux is TDF and I love the Rouille color on smaller bags like Firsts and Twiggies.
  12. I actually prefer the rouille in the larger size because I think it is a daytime color while ink and bordeaux can go both ways. I would sell the rouille even though it is one of only two colors that I liked from s/s '06 because I think I wouldn't use it as much in the first size .
  13. I voted rouille too before reading the post. :shame:
  14. aaa- Noooooooo!!! Not the ink!! :crybaby:
    I vote rouille!
  15. I would unload the rouille. It's my least favorite color out of the choices you posted. The ink is a popular color and the bag will probably hold its value.