Help me decide - Which colour Gucci Wallet ?

  1. Okay so I have to choose one of these for my fiance:

    Should I get him Beige


    OR black

    Thanks for your help. I can't decide !
  2. Anyone ? Just a simple beige or black will do ! Thanks.
  3. My vote is for black.
  4. black!
  5. I brought my hubby the black but he wanted me to take it back and exchange for the classic as he though the black didnt look so special!
  6. BLACK
  7. i like the black one too.... What a nice gift! :tup:
  8. black :tup:
  9. black
  10. I would pick black only because it is leather and men tend to stuff heir wallets in their pockets etc and it would be easier to maintain.
    (great gift by the way!)
  11. I'd pick black
  12. Black. But I know my DH would take the beige/brown...
  13. My hubby would probably take the brown.
  14. Of the two I'd go with black, but I think a stunning Gucci leather wallet would look better and age beautifully.
  15. Black, not feeling the beige at all. :yes: