Help me decide which color!

  1. Its between the cement or eggplant. Would the eggplant only go with certain colors?Should I go with a more neutral shade even though the eggplant is beautiful. This is going to be probably my last purchase of an expensive bag because of being semi-retired and not being able to afford them any longer:confused1: .
  2. Are you in any position to see the cement? I know that there are many people who adore their cement bags, but when I went to buy mine I ended up not buying her. It was just too hard to match it to colours. Maybe it was the shade that they had, but I don't think so, they had 4 to choose from. I couldn't get it to go with grey, blue, brown. Perhaps I am just too colour conservative and you would get a ton of use of her. But I would choose the eggplant. (If you can find one!!)

    I wish you well and good luck with your purchase!

  3. I think it's hard to give advice on these two colors, it's really going to depend on your personal style really. For me, I'd prefer greige, because I dont really like the eggplant color. I'm not a purple person, but some girls :heart: eggplant a lot! it's all personal preference I think.
  4. Go for the Eggplant. I have one and i love it.:yes:
  5. i wear alot of greys, so i would actually get the eggplant over the greige.
  6. i wear my eggplant with everything, i think it's a very versatile colour.
  7. eggplant!
  8. I am going with the crowd, given you situation I would say get the Eggplant, because you can get another inexpensive bag in a neutral color, like the cement. :yes:
  9. I would definitely pick eggplant. It's such a rich, beautiful color that I think you can wear with a lot of different clothes!
  10. I'd say eggplant...
  11. eggplant for sure!
  12. Greige, and find one that leans word beige. The eggplant is beautiful but I like to match and I don't wear much that goes with that color.
  13. I think sooo many colors would go with eggplant... green, brown, pink, yellow, orange, black, tan, white, gray, light blue.
  14. welp, my new greige mini-bowler has stolen my :heart:, so i vote for team greige :choochoo:...keep us posted & let us know what you decide!!!
    DSCF3280 REV.jpg DSCF3286 REV.jpg

  15. aaa---your new Greige Mini Bowling is gorgeous!!!! :yahoo:
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