Help me decide which color to pick for the MBMJ Crazy Jewels Wristlet

  1. Well, I'm loving the style of this crazy jewels wristlet but having a tough time deciding which colors to pick from. They have black and stone color available on Do any of you guys know if this is the only two color available?


  2. i'm almost positive this style only came in black and stone. i'm having a tough time deciding too! just to let you know, Shopbop's pic of the stone color is a little off. it actually appears more grey irl, but it's still gorgeous. i'm thinking that i like the stone color a little better. let us know which one you pick!
  3. ^ yeah, i only saw this style at Saks in black and stone. i have 2 weddings to go to this month, so im thinking about buying this clutch (i don't want to carry my black stam)
  4. I think the stone looks better with the 'jewels' but for me the black would make a more useful evening clutch.
  5. So ooo Cute!! Both colors!:heart::nuts:
  6. Thank you girls for your input!!

    tadpolenyc: I agree, the color shown at looks more greyish than the picture shown on Shopbop.

    But on net-a-porter, they have this in taupe and I am wondering if it is the same color as stone.

    Anyway, I am also tending towards the stone color since the gems really pops against this background color. But if the color taupe exists, then hands down to taupe.

    Anyone knows if the color taupe on net-a-porter is the same as the color stone on shopbop?
  7. ^ i'm almost positive it is. e-tailers don't always use the official names of the bags and/or their colors. i remember seeing these wristlets at the mbmj boutique, and they only had two on display: one was black and the other was a brownish grey.
  8. I've seen both IRL and they're both gorgeous. I still like the black better though. And I agree it would make a better evening clutch.
  9. I like the style and all but it's so so tiny IRL.
  10. I like it in black. I think it's a really fun wristlet, and would add a bit of jazz to any outfit!
  11. i bought it in stone but returned it because the wristlet part of the clutch is kinda hard! i couldnt get it to bed properly on my wrist so i figure i took it back.
  12. Did anyone else grab one of these while they were on sale (Monday) at saks online?

    I ordered a black one and it will arrive tomorrow (hopefully) and I am just wondering how you like yours... or not! TIA!!! :smile:
  13. Well, I got the black jewel clutch today :yahoo:, BUT I am a bit dissappointed :crybaby:...the leather is stiff and I suppose I am worried about the jewels falling off...they are only attached by two stitches. :sad:
  14. i bought this at full price and returned it because I thought the leather was very stiff as well - it wouldnt rest properly on my wrist! I wouldn't worry about the jewels though. I'm sure they are crazy glued on as well.
  15. Thanks Ally!

    I'm surprised about the leather being so stiff because MbyMJ bags are made from usually very soft leather...even my patent Kingpin tote is soft. I guess I will think about returning or keeping it over the weekend.