Help me decide which color to buy....

  1. My answer may be a bit biased because I just ordered the brown myself, it should be here monaday and I can't wait!!! So I vote brown which is , from what I hear, actually muscade. Either way both colors will be beautiful, I love the zippy bouler.
  2. Hard decision! I like both colors, but if I have to choose one then I'll go for brown!! Hope that helps!!
  3. Brown it is .....WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO ..........:woohoo:

    I can't wait for it to arrive..........

    Soooo excited !!!!!!
  4. I would go for the dark brown! goodluck!
  5. :heart: BROWN!!!
  6. Brown!
  7. :yahoo:YAY :yahoo:Hottabo!!! Your first Chloe is on its way and believe me, we are ALL excited for you and can't wait to hear about it and hopefully see pics!!! :wlae:Woooo hoooo!!!:wlae:
  8. I can't wait............
    I'm literally marking off the days of the calender....
    Be patient Be patient Be patient
    I'm sitting by window evryday watching for mr. postman :girlsigh:
  9. OmGosh, I've been there! Actually today!!
  10. Please let us know what color it actually is, its so frustrating dealing with the online companies that don't use the Chloe colors--makes you have to guess. Muscade is a beautiful color, but this looks more chocolate to me (but I don't think Chloe is doing chocolate this year)

    This is definitely a big bag, I have it in Blanc, and it is a nice shape. Love to hear what you girls keep in the small bottom section, right now I just have the padding in there.
  11. I vote for the darker seems richer in color!