Help me decide which bracelet!!

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  1. I own a cartier bangle and I want to stack a small bracelet with it but I can't decide. My husband is having me choose and I can't make up my mind. Please tell me you suggestions:smile: Tiffany beaded or cartier love

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  2. Here's the cartier

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  3. the tiffany beaded bracelet is great. I personally prefer it without the heart tag.

    I owned the Cartier baby love and my one issue with this is it was always flipping! you will have to wear it pretty tight to the wrist to prevent this from happening. it was annoying so I sold it.
  4. Definately the Tiffany Bead!
  5. I vote for Tiffany bead.
  6. The Cartier is sophisticated and original

    Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life
  7. Tiffany's always! Just stunning and you'll always get complements!
  8. Tiffany bead!
  9. The Tiffany bead!!
  10. I also prefer the beaded without the heart tag. It's a gorgeous bracelet in person if you haven't tried it yet.

    If you are set on the Love, you can get it sized to fit a little more snug so it doesn't turn as easily.
  11. Out of the two, I prefer the cartier. BUT, if the tiffany didn't have the heart tag, I'd go for that.