Help me decide which boys...

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  1. Hi all.... I am undecided between these 2 boys (Tosca Ombre or Black/White ombre) from Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.
    I already have a medium size boy bag from Pre-Fall 203 collection (2nd pic).

    I like both, but unsure which colour will be better. Please help me decide! Which one will you get? Your vote counts! TIA

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  2. I like the teal ombré which I find it bends in very nice
  3. Teal for sure, a different color theme than the one you already have
  4. Tosca ombré. Good luck!
  5. +1
  6. Tosca ombre!
  7. Tosca ombre! This will certainly catch anyone's attention and the ombre effect is gorgeous! :nuts:
  8. Tosca Ombre gets my vote.
  9. Tosca/teal gets the solid vote so far!
  10. Post a reveal when you get this! Can't wait to see the actual pics of it :smile:
  11. Teal for sire
  12. definately the tosca ombre! color to die for ;)

  13. Sure, will do!
  14. Tosca ombré for me! It's just very eye catching but at the same time nicely blended!
  15. Tosca Ombré for me too :P