Help me decide which Bal to buy next! Jaune GGH City or Mastic GGH Hobo?

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  1. Hi everyone! Its been a while since I last posted here. I'm having a dilemma which Bal to buy next. I've been eyeing on a Mastic GGH hobo on HGbags since August but suddenly one of my HG combos Jaune GGH has popped up I have no idea which bag to choose.

    My current HG bag would be a Sandstone GGH Hobo but since its so hard to find I was thinking of buying the Mastic GGH Hobo as an alternative, but looking at some photos mastic has too much yellow undertones in the color. Mastic owners, what does the color look IRL, does it look close to a light camel color?

    On the other hand I've always been intrigued by Jaune GGH but I'm pretty scared that I won't wear it much since its so bright, but I still want to give this color a try. If anyone has mod pics of Jaune will dark clothing especially greys (I wear a lot of greys) please post them here!

    Both combos are great, I would definitely wear mastic since its a neutral color but jaune will add a nice pop color to my dark outfits. Which do you think I should choose? Or should I pass on both and stick to what I already have?

    I'm an avid GGH lover so most of my collection is already GGH. For your reference I still have these Bals in my collection.
    07 Black GGH Hobo
    08 Vert Thyme GGH Hobo
    09 Galet GGH PT
    09 Black GGH City
    10 Seigle RGGH Day
    11 Papyrus RGGH Day

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I vote for Mastic given your collection.
  3. I've had the Jaune SGH City before, lovely color, but i end up selling it to get a Galet SGH City, w/c i ended up selling to get the Papyrus RGGH City. It's crazy right? Anyway, i can see you love GGH, but i prefer Jaune w/ Silver because the Gold gets lost w/ the Jaune in my opinion. It was so hard for me to part w/ mine among all my bags to get another. The only reason i had to give her up, i get too paranoid getting the handles dark & color transfer, but i still miss her, though i'm much happiIer w/ my Papyrus right now.

    I've not seen Mastic irl, maybe it's similar to the Sahara or Praline, but i agree, it's gorgeous w/ GGH. I'd prefer this combo over Jaune GGH. I like RH Jaune or SGH.
  4. I had a Mastic GGH Hobo for years and I absolutely loved the combo. Plus the Mastic leather is amazing!!! The color is definitely not as high maintenance as Sahara or Praline (I've also owned Sahara) it's a lot more brown than either of those two colors. I think Mastic is close enough to Sandstone for you to love it, so it gets my vote over Jaune, too. Good luck with your decision!