Help me decide which bag!

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  1. So I have convinced my husband that I need to be given a gift when my daughter is born in December. Since I am not a huge jewelry person I've decided that I am going to get either the Charmy in brown or the diaper bag with the green and red handles. I have been wanting the Charmy bag for months now and feel like if I don't get it now I never will. The diaper bag is slightly cheaper so I feel like I should go with it and be somewhat practical. Do you think either of these styles will go on sale during the December sale? Which one would you pick? Do I go with being practical or getting the one I really want? Thanks!
    154982_F40IG_9643.jpg 155524_F4FOR_8555.jpg
  2. Okay you said you needed a GIFT;) . So, go for the charmy bag the baby bag would be more for the baby than for you. Get yourself something you deserve it after 9 months.:smile:
  3. I agree with aprild! This should be something for you only! :yes:
    Also, Congratulations on the baby!
  4. Go for the Charmy since you've been wanting it for months anyway. I think it has a nice structured shaped to it too. Babies won't need diapers eventually, and then you won't need to carry it after some point.

    I think it would be more practical if you got the Charmy (for the long run). Good luck with your decision, and congratulations! :nuts:
  5. Thanks for your suggestions and congrats ladies! I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do. I just hope that it will go on sale in December! I'm so upset about the price increase that just happened.
  6. I think the charmy is a great gift to yourself after 9 months! Congrats on the baby!
  7. my vote is for the charmy!!! :yes:
  8. definitely Charmy
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