Help me decide which bag to get!

  1. I'd like to get another bag to use as a work tote and I have it narrowed down to one style: the business pocket tote. I just can't decide whether I want it in leather (#6468) or signature fabric (#6378). I'll be carrying it with a purse, probably in leather. Opinions?
    38_1.JPG 4ba19766.jpg
  2. Oh! I have the second one in mini signature! I think my vote might be for the leather one though just because if its for work it seems more 'professional', lol.
  3. id go with leather :yes:
  4. I agree the leather one does look more vote leather!
  5. I like both, but I vote leather as well for the office. If you work somewhere other than the office, the signature seems appropriate. ;)
  6. Thanks for the advice. I, too, am leaning toward the leather especially considering that I already have the signature gallery tote. So has anyone seen the leather one in an outlet and/or know the price? I know that some of the outlets had them and the one closest to me is getting some in soon. They are going to call me when they come in. The SA told me the price is $359 but that seemed terribly high. That seems more like a retail price than an outlet price.
  7. Two of my work totes are leather..and one is a fabric messinger with vachetta trim. The leather ones definitely look nicer after repeated use. If you get fabric it needs to be cleaned often to keep it looking nice enough to carry for least for my job.
  8. If you already have something with the signature, go for the all leather one.
  9. I like the leather one looks more professional and since you have something signature already, i would go with the leather one.
  10. I would definetly go with the leather.
  11. The second one looks more appealing to me design wise.
  12. I agree with everyone! Leather, that way it won't clash with whatever other purse you have. Also, if the outlet price is $359, it will probably be a % off of that too, usually 20%.
  13. first, especially if your bringing another purse with you, oyou dont want them competing with eachother lol.
  14. I think the leather is more professional. I have a signature tote that I think it's showing signs of wear because it gets dirty quicker.