help me decide which bag to buy.

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  1. [FONT=Pea Amy*Rica Script]I’m a sophomore in college, working part time minimum wage at the school. I don’t have anything else to spend my money on so I’ve been saving it all for Louis Vuitton and planned on purchasing at least three or four more things before taking a break but I’m starting to think that’s probably not the best idea. In January I’m transferring to a school 1 hour 20 minutes away. We went there yesterday for a football game and my mom thinks it’s best I live on campus because they honestly have everything you need so I wouldn’t have to leave often other than to come home or maybe go to the mall/target. But if I’m living on campus sharing a room with some girl I don’t know there is no way I’m going to bring any of my Louis Vuitton’s with me because they are more than likely going to be stolen, they’ll steal the front wheel off your bike they’ll definitely steal your Louis Vuitton. Plus I think I’d rather spend the money I make this year to fund some laser hair removal so I can get in and out of the dorm bathrooms as fast as possible because they seriously scare me. However, my birthday is next week and I’ve been saving my money waiting on a purse so I still want[/FONT][FONT=Pea Amy*Rica Script] to get one more for now. So, should I purchase the Watercolor vvn speedy, the Tahitiennes pm in pink, or the galleria pm? I love all of them about equally but I think getting them all just wouldn't be the smart thing to do since they’ll just sit at home in my closet. But I don’t think I could put myself on a total ban because I love Louis Vuitton too much. I don't know how i'm going to go without my Louis Vuitton's while at school though. :crybaby:[/FONT]

    [FONT=Pea Amy*Rica Script]For reference I'm 5'1, 112lbs, I generally prefer shoulder bags to hand helds (But I do love my speedy), and I don't carry a lot (I always have plenty of room left in both my damier speedy 25 & my neverfull pm). [/FONT]
  2. I'd go for the Galliera. I'm sorry that you can't take your beloved LVs to school with you but I understand why you don't want to do that!!
  3. i prefer bags that zip, so id go with a monty (i'm biased because i love mine sooo much) the watercolour speedy might overwhelm you because of the large size.
  4. ohh thats a bum! if it was one, i would go with the galliera!
  5. Galliera pm :yes:
  6. i don't zip my bags that have zippers anyway so that doesn't make a difference to me.
  7. Ohh i feel you about the dorming. Three years ago when i first started college i was at aschool 3 hours away...and i didnt dare take my speedy with me for fear of my roommate stealing it:sad:. Now i comute to a university close to home, but i just got the Galliera pm and i love it:love:! Its a really light weight and comfortable shoulder bag to consider.
  8. I have a suggestion about keeping expensive bags at school. I keep my Papillon 30 at school and I bought a filing cabinet with a lock and put it in my closet. Thats where I keep my checks, expensive bags, camera, etc. Just a suggetion in case you really wanted to do it. If you use your bag daily then its not a problem, you can use it during the day and lock it up at night. Alot of my friends do that.
  9. watercolour has my vote!
  10. I would get the Galleria PM... I think it would be the best bag... it is so practical and cute!
  11. I would suggest the Galleria -- it is sooo cute and you'll have it forever. It's not trendy at all and a truly "classic" piece. I'm of the opinion that you're better off buying classics when you're younger (that's what I'm doing in my mid-twenties right now), you will never regret them.

    I don't think the watercolor or [FONT=Pea Amy*Rica Script]Tahitiennes are trendy in a "bad" way, they just reference a certain point in time more than your galleria would. Let us know what you choose! I would definitely get cheap renter's insurance if you bring your bags to school with you, lock them in a little file cabinet and if anything goes missing at least you're not up a creek without a paddle...
  12. i've heard too many stories from a friend that goes to the same school & i wouldn't even bring my bag with me if i had a safe to put them in. i'm just too afraid too. someone even stole his friends bike that was right outside of the police stations door! i will most likely come home on the weekends very often so i'll at least get to use them some.
  13. i would recommend the new galliera
  14. Galliera. By the time you get a lot of use out of the others, they may seem somewhat "dated" while the Galliera is more on the classic LV side. And you will love it because it's a shoulder bag, roomy, and has a fantastic interior!
  15. I vote Montorgueil. Like bowling styled bags and I think it is extremely practical..;)