Help me decide which bag to buy please!

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  1. I'm torn between two MJ bags, one is a simple black crossbody with all gold chain, and the other is a shoulder bag. The difference between the two is $60. Which one would you prefer?


  2. I would go with the second (Mini Basic); it has more of a shape and looks more modern. The Rue (first pic) is pretty plain and doesn't IMO really have a 'style'

    I'd take the tassel off both of them, though.
  3. I prefer the second one. Like faith_ann, I think it would be better without the tassel; it will look quite classic afterwards if that's the look you're after.

    Shame it doesn't look as though it will work cross-body, though.
  4. I vote for the second one as well. A little more interesting IMO.
  5. Second one as well.
  6. Second one for me too. I like the closure.
  7. second! looks prettier and more class ;)